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About Us

Why we started

Man has hunted since he walked the Earth.

Every early culture relied on hunting for survival.

Through hunting, man forged a connection with the land and learned quickly that stewardship of the land went hand-in-hand with maintaining wildlife – and their own way of life.

In this world where honour is rare, we are proud to be different:

  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We passionately endorse the highest standards of ethics and service.
  • We spend all the time we can in the wilds and we intimately know and love this tawny continent.
  • We love Africa.
  • We will make sure your adventure will be an experience you will savour for a lifetime.

At Double Edge Safaris, fair chase and ethical hunting have always been our core foundation. Dave Edgcumbe(Snr) a biologist and passionate outdoorsman taught his son David (Jnr) about the wilds of this beautiful continent. David Edgcumbe Jnr also had the privilege of being mentored by well known Professional Hunter, Danie Van Graan of Engonyameni Safaris. Danie instilled a strong work ethic in David and introduced him to many great names, such as Col Jeff Cooper. Together we envisioned a business where hunting is still the main driving force behind conservation.

Today we face many challenges and ever growing pressures on our animals. There is constant pressure on them from poaching and human expansion which is encroaching on the last of these wild frontiers. Hunting and tourism is the absolute life blood of these last frontiers. Without it, they would surely cease to exist. Many of these rural hunting concessions support local rural communities where corrupt governments have failed. They rely on the source of meat and employment. It also educates the younger generations in these rural areas to value our wildlife, that wild animals need to me managed and appreciated for future generations to come. By teaching our future generations that we all have a part to play in conservation is absolutely imperative. For many of the young men and woman, without the support from hunting and tourism there opportunity to advance themselves would be very slim.

A Letter from Danie Van Graan, January 2020

David grew up in front of me. He is my best friend’s son, and from his early years, I recognised in David a special quality. He has a great way with people and a passion for Africa’s wildlife and people; a perfect candidate to be a great professional hunter! For more than 20 years I was his mentor and friend. Sadly, his father passed away, but he became the son I never had.

David has a natural ability to guide and he is enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing. He works very hard and is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

‘Your profound respect and love of the wilderness and the game you are hunting are important to your client at all times’. These are the words I taught David to live by.

in 2019 he guided Jim Hewins and Lindy Cooper, the daughter of the famous Jeff Cooper, on a safari in Zululand. I was fortunate enough to be able to accompany them. I saw myself in him and more because he has proven to be even better than I am.

I am proud to say that David is qualified to guide any of my old clients and can probably even show them a better time than I did!

Danie and David

Jim, Lindy and Danie